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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Virginia Tech @ Miami Live Blog

Blog will be updated every 10 minutes throughout the football game. Please feel free to comment!

First Quarter Thoughts:
  • Lame opening return by Roberts, let's see what the offense can do from their own 28.
  • Nice pass and catch by Glennon/Coale. Nice play call by Steinspring. Did I just say that?
  • And repeat. Tyrod did a good job of breaking the pocket and finding Coale on the outside.
  • Terrible call to go for it on fourth. In a game where points WILL be so valuable, Beamer comes out looking the fool. Let's see what the defense can do.
  • Nice three-and-out for the defense. Didn't like that coverage on third down but a key drop gives the Hokies a break.
  • I think that was a catch. I'm trying not to be a homer, but Boykin had that ball and control was never in question until he had both feet on the ground and turned up the field. Bullshit call...
  • Defensive line looks to be getting good pressure but Foster also seems to be a little afraid of the big play, only rushing 3-4 guys at once. Playing against Freshmen QBs should call for lots of heat, and I don't agree with Foster only bringing his front four.
  • Roughing the passer was bullshit as well, Miami's got the refs on their side so far tonight...
  • I don't have a good feeling about this game after the fumble bounces right back to Miami. Karma just isn't working in our favor right now.
  • Following Robert Marve slipping out of a "devastating sack" by Cody Grimm, James punches it in from two yards out. 7-0 Canes, thanks to the refs and poor tackling down the middle of the defense.
Second Quarter Thoughts:
  • Marve finally gets punished. He was bound to get hit sooner or later. Looks like the defense can't hold again though as they give up a long screen on third and 10.
  • BIIIIG turnover with the forced fumble by Bonesaw and recovery by Kam. What can the offense do with the opportunity?
  • I like the blocking effort by the receivers on these screens. Unlike the typical Steinspring calls, he's allowing his guys to have some blockers out front. Unfortunately, Miami is matching our effort and athleticism on the defensive side so far.
  • Nick Marshman looked SLOW on that sack he gave up. Just a terrible one-on-one effort. Thanks for killing the drive Nick.
  • GREAT defensive series against Harris. The offense needs to finally capitalize on some good field position (own 47).
  • So karma goes the other way. I think Darren Evans obviously fumbled on the play, but I'll take a break where we can get it.
  • Glennon has looked fairly poised (crosses fingers) but Evans just has to get some blocks up front to be successful.
  • And just as I write that, Tyrod gets a nice block from Boykin, then gives the 'U' a big "PUSSY" sign. Gotta love 15-yard penalties. Let's see if it was worth it (I'm glaring at you kick coverage unit).
  • Block in the back bails them out. Over/Under on big returns for the rest of the game for the Canes? Two.
  • NASTY hit by Macho. Probably should have been a helmet-to-helmet call.
  • Evans finally converts on a third down.
  • Why the hell doesn't the clock stop on an out-of-bounds play any more? One of the stupidest rule changes ever. It just completely changes the scope of a two-minute offense, and I don't like it.
  • Jarrett Boykin = your heart out David Tyree.
  • If our offensive line can't protect better, we have no hope of winning this game.
Halftime grades:

Offense: (C+) Some nice individual efforts and a decent passing game has been negated by poor protection and run blocking. O-Line is the reason we aren't up by at least one score.

Defense: (B-) Decent effort, but they need to capitalize more on the pressure they've been putting on the QBs. Some bad penalties helped Miami score, but the middle of the defense must tighten up in the second half.

Special Teams: (D-) Bowden's pinning Miami keeps this out of the doghouse, but big returns for Miami, poor ones for us, and a missed field goal don't look good so far.

Third Quarter Thoughts:
  • Poor tackling on these screens for the Hokies. They're taking poor angles and not wrapping up.
  • Poor angles again on Marve's run down to this six. The linebackers have regressed tonight so far.
  • Defense makes up a little bit by holding Marve out of the endzone on that 3rd down play. Good discipline. They need to keep that up. 10-7 Miami with the field goal.
  • Terrible first series by the offensive line in the second half. Can't block for shit.
  • Nice shank by Brett Bowden. Don't you love that Cortez Kennedy can't string two words together, but got out a nice national championship prediction in the next two years for the Canes? They may have had swagger back in his day, but obviously not brains.
  • Again the defense gets beat down the middle. Nice catch by James, poor coverage by P-Stump.
  • Nice hold again by the defense. Worlids gets a lot of credit for fighting through that separated shoulder all night. He's been in the backfield quite a bit but that was a big sack. 13-7 Miami.
  • Ed Wang is playing a TERRIBLE game. He still no brock werr...This is the old offense we all know and hate.
  • The defense has to come up with a turnover. The only way to turn the tide of this game is to shift the field position right now.
  • Our defense is exhausted right now, and regardless of whether or not Miami scores here, we need a long offensive drive to even have a prayer for the rest of the game.
Fourth Quarter Thoughts:
  • First of all, nice SORENSEN reference Mr. Anonymous.
  • Jason Worilds' arm looks like it's just going to fall off.
  • What a lucky freaking bounce for Miami. First and goal. Go figure.
  • O.K. Defense, nice hold. 16-7 Miami. The offense has to do something and now.
  • Not nearly enough intensity from the offensive front and a conservative second half game plan equals -8 yards to this point for the offense in the half. Only a turnover will give us a chance at a win at this point.
  • At least Jason Worilds has some heart. Nice sack.
  • Dyrell Roberts just blew it. Freshmen.
  • Nice run by Tyrod. Again. I hate these clock rules so much.
  • We need to keep this thing going. And just as I write that Tyrod gets off a bad pitch. Why aren't we at least calling pass plays? Option hasn't worked all night.
  • Nice touchdown T-Mobile. Even if we can't come back in this, it's really encouraging to see Tyrod take charge of such an important game. It's a shame it may be too little too late. 16-14 Canes.
  • Time to earn your scholarships defense. This is the game in the next three plays.
  • By the way, how big are the three points Beamer opted to leave on the field on the first drive? WHY DON'T WE EVER TAKE THE POINTS?!
  • O.K., good stop D. Let's see a nice return and some offense.
  • So much for that return. Here we go Tyrod.
  • Smart play by Tyrod on that throwaway.
  • Terrible call by Steinspring on third down. Lost the game. Who calls a draw there?! That should be his job right there. It's amazing to think what we could do with some decent play calling. I don't mean to take away from the fact that our offensive line is terrible, but those kind of calls are inexcusable. I loathe Bryan Steinspring.
Offense (D-)
Defense (B)
Special Teams (D-)

I know this wasn't a big deal to a lot of you, but let me know if you at least enjoyed it (despite the loss). Comments on how bad Steinspring is are welcome.


Anonymous said...

dam - quick update on the tyree-esque catch

Anonymous said...

ed wang spent too much time playing halo in the off-season and not enough on his blocking.

Anonymous said...

VT can't stop the run....the "U" is kicking their teeth in. Where is Nick Sorensam when you need him.

Anonymous said...

Steinspring sucks so bad - Stephen

Anonymous said...

I definitely liked the blog. I think this is another game where special teams killed us. -1 yards on punt returns... Terrible field position most of the game... And a missed field goal (even if it was over 50 yards). The defense has done it's job in creating points this year, but special teams play has disappeared from beamerball.

Anonymous said...

Steinspring lost page 2 of his playbook

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