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Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Fresh Start

Like with all things, this blog is a new route for me. I've always tried to write more professional looking posts in other blogs, but that's going out the window here. Right now, I'm sitting one day away from graduating college. I have a month off, and then it's off to the "Real World" up in Falls Church, VA. While I'm about to put one part of my life behind me, which can be sad, I'm really excited about the opportunities that moving back to Northern Virginia has to offer. One of the coolest parts of this will be Redskins games. My dad and I had season tickets from 1991-2004 (the point when I graduated high school, moved down to Blacksburg and couldn't go to games anymore). He gave the tickets up and it was hard to see them go. I've had Hokie football to get me through my live football fix the last four years, and I have to say that it's been a hell of an opportunity to watch big-time college football every fall in one of the loudest stadiums in America. That being said, while I'm a Hokie, the Redskins were my first football love, and being estranged from them (geographically, not emotionally) the past four years has been absolute hell. Some of the best memories I have from growing up are at RFK and FedEx, and I can't wait to get back into the swing of live Sunday football again.

That being said, I've not given up on the Burgundy and Gold (or the maroon and black according to Coach Zorn) during my college career. Actually it's the opposite. College football has really unleashed a whole other football monster out of me, and it's really made me even crazier about the Skins than I used to be. Growing up (beyond the Super Bowl XXVI win) I was constantly rooting for mediocre-to-terrible Redskins teams, so I really only had major hope as a fan in Darrell Green. Since '04, my attachment to the team has gotten a little ridiculous. I'll admit that I have a closet man-crush on Chris Cooley, but in all seriousness, he really does a good job of making the fans feel like they're worth more to him than just his paycheck. Guys like Clinton Portis and Santana Moss give the team a ton of personality (sometimes multiple), and while they may not always have the best record, they're fun to watch, and fun to follow during the week.

Based on the draft, and the chemistry of the team, I feel pretty good about this year. I'll be coming back here periodically to offer a little personal opinion on what's going on with the team, DC Sports, or just life in general, but stay tuned!

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