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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Is It Football Season Yet?

Image Courtesy of Virginia Gazette

With the untimely dismissal of our beloved Capitals from the Stanley Cup playoffs after the "game of which we will never speak," I find myself looking for something to write about. I will not be discussing the Stanley Cup Finals because I am a huge baby and cannot bring myself to talk about the Penguins and the city of Pittsburgh winning a cup. I would like to throw out my congratulations to Alex Ovechkin and Mike Green for their All-NHL 1st team awards, and more to Ovi for Hart no. 2 as well as the Richard and Pearson awards.

Posting hasn't exactly been my priority over the last few weeks or so (considering my wedding, honeymoon, big move, and the end of the school year), but I will obviously need an outlet to distract me from the whole unpacking thing. I'm going to be crunching some numbers to size up the opponents of our beloved Hokies and Redskins this coming fall. If you all have anything to contribute or suggest, please don't hesitate to comment or shoot me an e-mail. I've also done some new photoshops for the site, so enjoy those and let me know whether you like them or not!

On the live sports front, I attended my third (shocking!) Nationals game of the season against the Jays yesterday evening. I have to say that while they are the worst team in baseball, I still enjoy going to the games, and they always seem to play well when I go. The stadium seemed to be about 75% full (most I've seen in any game there), and the crowd was moderately into the game. It was nice to see them extend their winning streak to three over AL East opponents. Nice outing Z-Mann. We also struck up a nice chorus of 'Hail to the Redskins' on the victory walk down to the exits. Everyone got into it, but no one would do 'We Want Dallas' with me.

Finally, I want to congratulate my good friend and former roomate Doug Roberts on making the Washington Redskins marching band on trombone two weeks ago. It was an incredible feat considering that Doug hadn't played trombone before he found out they didn't need any tubas. Good work Douglas!

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