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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wiz Pick No. 5 Early, Get Randy Foye, Mike Miller

So they've finally done it. The Wizards have dealt the number five pick in tonight's draft, and may not participate at all (after trying to deal #32 also). The Wiz sent #5, Etan Thomas, Darius Songaila, and Oleksiy Pecherov for Randy Foye, Mike Miller, and cash. Somewhere, Brendan Haywood is smiling. While this doesn't hold the luster that the potential Amare deal did, it should be a solid move for Washington (although it needs to be paired with another move or two). Let's take a closer look at our half of the deal and what we're getting in Foye and Miller:

Foye: A relatively streaky shooter that can put up points when needed. He's not a great passer, but he's a solid scorer off the bench. Foye has had a banged up knee since injuring it during the 07-08 season, and hasn't fully recovered since. He's had the stigma of the Brandon Roy trade hanging over him since his rookie year, so you might say he was set up to fail with the Timberwolves. His value in the trade will be dependent upon his health, but the Wizards could let him walk after this season if they choose not to give him a qualifying offer. Oh and his guts are flipped.

Miller: Miller is a former rookie of the year (2000-2001) and sixth man of the year (2005-2006) that has now coming to his fourth team. He is known for his nice range (career .401 3 pt %) and overall shooting consistency (.462 career FG %). Miller had a statistically terrible year last year, but most people attribute it to being a part of a TERRIBLE Minnesota team. He has decent size at 6'8" at 218 lbs, but he won't kill you on the boards. Like Foye, he should benefit from a new team and will fit well with Flip Saunders here in DC.

The only way to grade this trade will be on the moves that come next. By losing relatively big-guys in the deal, the Wiz have to trade again for a physical big. Blatche, Haywood, McGee, and Jamison can't hold down big duties without reinforcements. Grunfeld says the team will try and deal the 32nd pick in another move, so look for a guard (Mike James anyone?) to be on their way out of town for a big man. Keep your collective fingers crossed!

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