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Saturday, October 25, 2008

FSU First Half Thoughts

  • Nice return on the opening kickoff by Dyrell Roberts, way to set the tempo--until Tyrod gets taken out on play #1. Initial thoughts would be that he's done for the year. Looks like we get the immortal jackass Sean Glennon again...
  • And Glennon still can't throw the deep ball. So much for his claims of being able to "pick defenses apart." I'd rather have Taylor's inexperience and talent.
  • Ref is VERY EXCITED about the first false start penalty!! Gotta love 3-and-outs. Pretty piss poor play calling round Steiny. Maybe you want to lose your job after all. In his defense, early penalties don't help either.
  • Jason Worilds is a monster when he wants to be, that was an amazing tackle in the backfield.
  • Nice first series on defense--the tackling is looking good
  • Macho had a nice play on Carr, and contrary to what the announcers said, that was not pass interference.
  • God I love draw plays on first down. Thanks Steinspring. Thank the defense for the 3-0 usual.
  • Looks like the offense is starting to open up now, with two nice passes to Macho and Boykin, and go ahead and add some help from a blatant face mask. Steinspring gets some rare credit from me when I say that was a VERY well called series of plays.
  • So the offense shows some flashes and the defense breaks down. We need to put an entire game together if we expect to compete for the ACC title.
  • It amazes me that this team seemed so mature at the beginning of the season, and continues to beat itself with stupid penalties. Great catch by Boykin to bail Ed Wang out. He no brock werr.
  • Danny Coale's catch was as clutch as you'll find with this offense all year.
  • All in all, I was right on point with the 13-10, but obviously that pick was for the entire game. I give the defense a B/B-, and the offense a C for the half. Here's hoping we can pick up the pace a little.

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