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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Week 8: @ Detroit

I was worried about the Rams game. It was the standard "Redskins shit the bed" game. Sure enough, the Redskins shit the bed, and the people panicked. Having just gotten my Redskins tattoo, I was pretty angry that it was going jinx the season. Our heroes managed to bounce back to win an ugly one against the Browns last week, and seem poised to move to 6-2 going into the Monday night showdown against Big Ben and the Steelworkers. There's a little business to be taken care of today at Ford Field, and the Skins best be focused. Don't get me wrong, this Lions squad is terrible. Awful. Stupid. There will be no excuses if the Skins don't win by at least two touchdowns today. While we've been playing well lately, teams see that our passing game has been nothing more than run-of-the-mill. I do feel that we have been keeping teams somewhat honest with some timely passes. However, the passing game seems limited, and not nearly as scary as it was going into the Philadelphia game. Unless we start to establish ourselves as a consistent (note: consistency is NOT Santana Moss going missing for two weeks) passing offense, teams will eventually figure out a way to stop Clinton Portis. It's all well and good that Jason Campbell has yet to throw an INT this season, but I'd rather see us take a few more deep shots than try and preserve the record with a conservative passing game. Here are a few things to look for today besides Campbell's deep balls:

  • Portis- How long will he play? I suspect if we get an early lead, Clinton will get his standard 120, and we'll see a lot of Rock Cartwright. You heard me. I said Rock. I'll put Shaun Alexander's carries at <5>
  • D-Line Pressure- Can we generate a pass-rush today without bringing the house? This team needs to learn how to get to the quarterback against a terrible line (see: failures against STL), and get into an opposing quarterback's head. Today provides a great opportunity for this. This game will be about building more confidence in the defensive line, and we'll need that down the stretch. While the defense is playing lights-out ball (6th overall in the league), we won't stay that way without generating some pressure on the QB.
  • Turnovers- Can we avoid any stupid turnovers, and can we create some easy points against a team that is known for boneheaded plays and poor coaching? If we can create 2-3 turnovers today, expect a blowout of epic proportions.
Zorn should have his troops ready to maul the Lions today. I fully believe that he expects no less than a blowout, and that's hopefully what we'll see. I'm predicting 120 out of Clinton, 3 Campbell TD passes, a turnover directly leading to a score, and a partridge in a pear tree. Detroit will be lucky to pull off any points against our defense, but Calvin Johnson alone will probably manage to find the endzone. I know people have been saying it every week, but keep your eyes peeled for #11 in the burgundy and gold today. This is a great chance to get him some major work.

Redskins 38
Lions 10

**Bonus Kicking-Them-While-They're-Down Pick:

Fighting Jeff Garcias 23
Cowgirls 6

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