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Saturday, October 25, 2008

FSU Second Half Thoughts

  • Defensive line is getting strong push up front early on in the half, which is promising, but the tackling continues to be a little suspect.
  • Cody Grimm is having a monster game so far. It seems like he's been in on every big tackle this afternoon.
  • Macho Harris has played well with the ball in his hands today, but that was a STUPID play running back through the endzone on that punt return.
  • We always have a big special teams screw up against FSU, so credit Eddie Whitley with the typical bonehead play. I hate Florida State.
  • And Glennon gets absolutely destroyed. We're done.
  • Can we talk about overdone cheers? The war chant makes me want to punch someone.
  • Sims fumbles that ball based on the video evidence. Unfortunately, the ACC is not only the worst conference, but has the worst refs.
  • This team looks like they have had the wind knocked out out of them. It's hard to say I blame them.
  • Cory Holt has some serious guts. While at this point I'd be surprised if we win this game, it's nice to see the fight in the team and for a classy guy like Holt to get a chance to step up.
  • Nice to see that we didn't completely fold today, but it was a tough afternoon, A for effort (except for the offensive line, which gets an F).

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