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Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Farewell Grapple…err...Bear Hug for Brash

Image Courtesy of The Bog

Now that free agency has settled down and we head towards development camp next week (which I will be attending and I’m pumped about), I’d like to take a minute to say goodbye to one of my favorite Caps over the last three seasons…a guy that helped us get through some of those tough nights during “the great rebuild.” With those cement blocks on the ends of his arms (that some people might consider fists), Donald Brashear won the hearts of Caps fans and managed to keep a dying art alive here in the district while hockey began to prosper. Now he's off to Bluer Pastures...

You always knew by the growl in Joe B’s voice that Brash was at it again. You’d hear the whistle and see the gloves go flying…and it was on. I always waited with baited breath for The Donald to land that big left hook that would knock his opponent into next week. While fighting seems to be flirting with extinction in hockey, I think we’ll all realize how much we miss Brash next season. His mastery of the dying art served him well as "master protector" for our valuable “young guns.” Alex Semin’s back knows how things go when he’s out there without backup. Brash never put up big points, and rarely did he dazzle you, but he sure knew how to win a crowd. He was great for the DC Hockey community, and I think Caps fans should appreciate the great respect he always demonstrated with regards to that relationship. He was always patient after practice, signing autographs and goofing around with fans. I will always respect him for his intensity on the ice and his genuine but quiet demeanor off it.

Brash "takes on" Mike Green at Practice

Personally, I’m very sad to see Donald go. I know he’s become a “fan” of this blog on facebook, and I certainly hope he continues to read it and think of the “home” that he made here in the district (get at me Brash!). I know it will be hard for me to see him in that Blue Rag next year, but I’ll root for him from here on out. We can always look on the bright side…he gets to see Riley Cote twice as much next year…to do some more of this…

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