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Friday, July 03, 2009

Poll of the Week

Image Courtesy of Daylife

I've decided to add a new poll of the week section to the blog, so this week we'll try and get our holiday weekend kicked off right. It's now July, so it's almost time for training camp buzz to begin. How do you all think the second-year receivers will fare with a little better knowledge of Jim Zorn's offense? Will they mesh and all have a large impact this season or will one step up as a viable weapon opposite Santana Moss? Will they be all bust just like last season? Please vote and comment on how you think their seasons will go! Happy 4th of July (and sorry for the funhouse mirror fonts, but we're housesitting and I'm not on my computer)!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

we'll probably have kelly for half the season before something with his knee screws up again. i thought devin thomas looked really good at moments last year. he's got a lot of potential. i think he'll have about 35 catches on his own. davis didn't seem to fit in well at all with the offense last year, and i don't expect for it to be much different this year. he was entirely non-existent during some games. plus, it eventually all comes back to campbell and how effective he can be. he still hasn't had a great season. everyone was thrilled with him halfway through the year because he didn't turn the ball over, but they didn't seem to notice that he was barely scoring either. he's never going to be the 30+ touchdown, 3,500+ yard kind of guy. the only thing i can really say about him is that he's very... average. he just happens to be the best we have.