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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


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Having a stranglehold on a rivalry can be REALLY fun. Some might say it makes things boring and some might say that the former “rival” has had put up such little competition that they may not even be a rival anymore. However, when a team has fans that dedicate an ENTIRE season, blog, and WRISTBANDS to finally delivering a win against their arch rival…THEN you know you’ve gotten under their skin. Today I stumbled across this little article in the Charlottesville news, explaining that a Cavalier Fan Group that calls themselves Cavalier Quest has made bracelets to “motivate the Cavs to defeat Virginia Tech in 2009 and gain redemption,” (editors note: these bracelets are supporting cancer research so it IS supporting a great cause). So it’s come to this. Something to get those ascot-wearing, brie-cheese-eating fans all riled up. I would guess that all 119 (or is it 120 now with WKU?) FBS teams wear some Livestrong-esque wrist band for inspiration each season. Hell, even our Hokies do, but this is laughable. Cavalier Quest was started by a single UVA fan that just can’t take the losing anymore. I’d try and recap some of the funnier things that you can come across on the site, but let me just give you a little excerpt:

After defeat against Va Tech last year, I was left with a feeling of extreme emptiness in my stomach. Yes, we had talent. Yes, we could win the Coastal Division. Yes, we could win the ACC. Yes, we will and I don't want to miss it. In an upcoming year where the expectations for UVa Football are minimimal, I have this feeling this year will be something special. Therefore, I will be there at each and every game. Home and away. My journey or quest will live in much so that I will put pen to paper and make my quest history.

-JW of Cavalier Quest

Not that it needs analysis, and not that everything I write is completely accurate BUT…

1. UVA was NOT capable of winning the Coastal Division last year, let alone going bowling.

2. UVA has about as much of a chance to win the ACC as Duke this year.

3. I believe their expectations are probably minimal, not minimimal. Hold on, I need to go eat a bananana (thanks Demetri Martin!).

4. Not to get picky or anything, but I don’t think you’re putting pen to paper, per se. More like manicured finger to keyboard.

You forgot to pop your collar, JW!

Ok, ok…I’m just kidding around, but it was just too easy to pass up. The guy has also started a blog for his cause, but doesn’t seem to understand how to update it. I might be wrong, but I'm just considering that the first post was on May 13th, and he’s managed to comment on his own original post about, oh, 10 times or so. Anyway, I thought you all might appreciate hearing about this, and I BET that JWUVa would love to hear what you might have to say about this year’s contest at Scott Stadium. Let’s all go over and give him a resounding “Hokie Hi” in his comments section, shall we? See you over there!

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