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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last Week's Poll: Redskins Rushers are a Strength

It looks like this week’s poll showed quite a bit of confidence in the Redskins rushing attack. Although our voter turnout was not where I would like it (here's staring at YOU casual reader), those that did decide to participate have a positive outlook on how Clinton and his gang will perform this season. 62% of voters considered Joe Bugel's "Dirtbags" to be capable of blocking for a top 1/3 NFL rushing attack, which would put them on par with the last few seasons. Losing Pete Kendall for the younger, and probably more athletic Derrick Dockery seems to be one of the biggest boosts according to a few friends that I've spoken to. Not one person voted for the Redskins to be a bottom-of-the-barrell group, but the other 38% consider them to be relatively average, which would be more in like with the perceived aging of the line and Portis's legs. I tend to agree with the "6th to 10th" group, as I believe that rushing attack may be more consistent this season (relatively good over sixteen games instead of a great first eight and terrible last eight), but they might not get the same publicity that they received a year ago.

This Week's Poll: What team do you expect to win the Atlantic Division in the ACC? Let us know what you think!

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