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Monday, August 10, 2009

EA Canada Can Go Straight to Hell

Image Courtesy of PGH

Things like this don’t usually make me too mad, because video game ratings don’t really matter, but after some stats from EA’s NHL 2010 leaked (HT PGH via JapersRink) I felt like I had to chime in. According to their screenshots from this year’s installment, Mike Green, Norris Trophy runner-up was rated an 84 Overall. This isn’t completely unheard of considering that EA’s NHL ratings are far stricter than their other professional sports titles. For example, Madden regularly has a few 98s and 99s overall, while the top three forwards in hockey (Crosby, Malkin and Ovi) received a 94, 93, and 92 overall rating respectively. I’m not even going to rant about the fact that the two-time reigning MVP doesn’t at least match the ratings of his Steel City Counterparts (because according to burghers, he doesn’t play any defense, pass, or look like a guy that could win homecoming king). The reality is that Malkin and Crosby are great players and deserve the credit they receive. However, Greenie was absolutely robbed by the game designers. Green was CONSISTENTLY the highest rated player among all NHL defenders according to, and had a record-breaking season in 2008-2009. Green is not the most defensively responsible blueliner, but he’s one of, if not the league’s biggest gamebreaker at the position. Let’s compare Mike to two of the Pittsburgh defenders that were also leaked.




Off. Awareness

Def. Awareness




Mike Green








Sergei Gonchar








Alex Goligoski








No one can question the value that Sarge had to the Penguins down the stretch last season. The guy will always be one of my favorite Caps, and it’s hard to get down on him. He’s been one of the most consistent offensive defensemen in the league for many years now, and he still has a few good ones left in him if he can stay healthy. I would say that 87 is a pretty fair assessment of where he falls overall. Goligoski is a guy that hasn’t been able to crack the Pens roster full time but is very highly regarded by the organization. His Overall is also fairly accurate considering his potential. However, when you throw Green into the mix, how do you give him an offensive awareness rating that is closer to GoGo’s than Gonchar’s? I can’t deny the impact Gonch can have on offense, but he’s never had the kind of impact that Greenie did this past season. Green has proven himself to be a more swift and maneuverable skater in only two seasons in a starring role, so I also don’t feel as though he doesn’t deserve to be placed below both or tied with them in speed and agility. I also find it pretty questionable that two veterans have a significantly lower discipline rating than a guy that only has 48 games of NHL experience. Anyway, what I think I’m getting at is that Mike Green was completely short-changed by EA, and I certainly hope that he proves them wrong this year with an even better campaign than his last. Get ‘em Greenie.


Anonymous said...

What is worse is Green is rated 88 in the last roster update on 09.

DMG said...

I don't think it's worth too much worrying over the overall ratings since they're just a composite of other ratings run through a forumla and thus aren't actually a good way to rank players. Plus it's silly.

But Green being rated lower/the same than Gonchar in offensive categories like speed and offensive awareness...that just plain ol' don't make sense.

DrinkingPartner said...

My lord, did you see the deking stat? Mike Green, the one-man breakout/one-man break-in, only has an 80? Good lord, he's one of the top 4 stickhandlers on the team, with an 80?

Zach said...

you said- when you throw Green into the mix, how do you give him a rating that is closer to GoGo’s rating than Gonchar’s?

you must have failed 2 grade math because 84 is def closer to 87 than it is to 79.

and it's a video game for god's sake. if a player is all bent out of shape because of a video game, and needs to "prove them wrong". priorities need adjusted.

Anonymous said...

Don't like the ratings (and really, what a silly thing to whine about)? Buy the game and tweak the ratings yourself if you disagree.

Tibúrcio Branco said...

E ninguém cala esse chororô... Stop whining! About a videogame?! C'mon, you can do better than that!

Hooks Orpik said...

I wouldn't knock Gonchar's offensive awareness, he's got great decision making when the power-play is set up. Veterans edge, I suppose.

There's no doubt Green is under-rated in the game though, his speed and dekeing should be a lot higher than it is, at the very least. It is just a video game though.

Anonymous said...

Green should have higher stats at offence, but you completely "forgot" to mention that Green got 80 in defensive awareness.... what a joke! One of the worst defencive defencemen in the league!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the designers watched the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the designers watched the playoffs. I know this has been said already but it needed said again.

Anonymous said...

Playoffs? Playoffs? Are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...

i think you need to realize the impactgonch had on the penguins this year. you cant even begin to compare mike greens impact to sergei's. the penguins were in tenth place without him. when he came back they won 8 of nine and jumped to 4th in twenty games. a little bit of an impact.

Joel said...

I'm a Pens fan and I agree with you that Green should have a higher rating. He is one of those players on the opposing team that everytime they get the puck your nervous because they have the ability to score seemingly at will. However, Green was practically invisible in the playoffs (at least in the Pittsburgh Series). I'm not saying thats definatly the reason but that'd be my guess.

Anonymous said...

Please. Green's poor decision making and defensive play single handedly lost playoff games on more than one occasion this season.

Although his offensive ability could be rated higher, his defensive stats are over-rated by 10-20 points.

The guy is not anywhere near as good as people say he is. He's certainly not in the same league as guys like Gonch and Lidstrom.