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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last Week's Poll: Atlantic Up For Grabs

So where did last week’s poll get us (I know, I know…it was a “two-weeks-ago” poll)? Not very far other than to say what we’ve all thought since FSU lost its powerhouse status. The Atlantic division is 100% up-for-grabs, and it seems that you readers are torn about a favorite as well. Each team earned two votes, except for NC State (0) and Wake Forest (1), so according to you all, any team has a shot at the ACCCG birth. While I agree that this group has no clear favorite, I disagree that NC State should have less votes than Maryland or Clemson. Maryland is an EXTREMELY young team, while talented, will have a steep learning curve if they expect to compete at a high level this season. Clemson has a darkhorse Heisman candidate in CJ Spiller and a strong defense, but they are unsettled at QB and their O-Line was a huge problem for them last season. On the other hand, NC State returns their quarterback and a pretty decent defense, and should improve on their 7-6 record in 2008. Boston College doesn’t seem to have enough pop on defense after losing BJ Raji (NFL) and Mark Herzlich (cancer). They have a 26-year-old freshman quarterback and a new coach. Don’t look for them to make a third December trip to the championship game. If I had to put money on it, I’d throw it at old favorite FSU, with Christian Ponder returning under center and an overall experienced and tenacious group on the other side of the ball.

Next Week’s Poll: Who will lead the Hokies in rushing for 2009 (considering Darren Evan’s ACL injury)?

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