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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Miracle in Morgantown

Usually around mid-August, I find myself with the itch. I count down the hours until the college football season starts. The best way to pass the time and help keep myself happy until opening kickoff is to find old clips of games. Usually they’re video compilations from seasons, but sometimes those don’t do enough. Today I wanted to just post one video to help remind us all what it feels like to earn a shot at the National Championship. In 1999, Shayne Graham, the red-haired kid from Pulaski County kicked the Hokies to victory over the West Virginia Mountaineers, giving one state a sense of euphoria, and another disgust. The feeling of Graham making that kick will probably never leave me, but I can’t wait to dig it out again the next time we find ourselves playing for a national championship. Here is the final drive, led by Michael Vick and capped off by Grahams 44-yard kick.


Anonymous said...

Best video ever.

Turd Ferguson said...

Hehehehehe...always a pleasure to see WVU lose, especially in our hands (well, foot for this matter).