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Monday, August 24, 2009

Last Week's Poll: Lots of Faith in Williams

With Darren Evans’ ACL injury stealing headlines this August for Hokie fans, I thought I’d check with you guys on who would best pick up the slack. Most of you seem to be buying into the Ryan Williams hype, whether from his scrimmage performances, pedigree, or spring game showoff session. Williams has demonstrated the ability to be a home run threat on every snap, but that may not translate to being the most consistent runner that the Hokies have to offer. That honor could go to the veteran Josh Oglesby (I’m using the term ‘veteran’ lightly) or freshman phenom David Wilson. However, the last three weeks have been dotted with injuries to the backfield, with Wilson nursing a sprained shoulder, Oglesby a foot infection, and Williams a sprained ankle. The bulk of the carries might end up going to whoever can remain healthy, and that could be new guys Zach Evans or Tony Gregory. I included Tyrod for fun, and was surprised to see that he got 19% of the votes. I think it’s safe to say that if Tyrod leads the team in rushing, the Hokies are in for a VERY long season. If Tyrod has to rely on his feet, that means that either his receivers or his offensive line (or both) are not performing well and he is relying on his athleticism alone. That wouldn’t be a good sign for Hokie Nation.

That leads me into this week’s poll. What receiver will step up and become the ‘go-to’ guy in the passing game? Please let me know what you think, and thank you all for such great participation in last week’s poll!

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