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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bo Pelini Has a Lapse in Judgment

No, I’m not talking about his game-clinching 15 yard penalty towards the end of the fourth quarter last year: a penalty that contributed to his team’s ultimate 35-30 loss to Virginia Tech. I’m talking about poking a bear…a Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange-clad bear. Hokie fans often hear JUST how loud they are, but they certainly do not rest on their reputation alone. Just this week, Pete Carroll told assembled media after the Ohio State game that Tech fans were the loudest he’s ever heard assembled on the road. We’ve been called the loudest group of fans in America, and that’s considering that we only seat 67,000+ fans in Lane Stadium in comparison to some of the 90,000 plus behemoths of the Big 10 and SEC.

Unfortunately, some coaches don’t get the message. Larry Coker gave us grief before the ’03 and ’05 meetings with Miami, and those were two of the loudest crowds in Tech history (although ’05 didn’t turn out so well). I can’t imagine he enjoyed the treatment that his Canes received. In 2007, Jeff Jagodzinski as mentioned here before, decided to say things like “They have lights, right?” as well as “The fans will not be a factor" and "we just came from Notre Dame, the crowd will not effect us.” Anyone that was in Lane on that rainy night knows that the crowd caused several procedure and delay penalties. It was near impossible to hear yourself think, let alone get plays called out to your offense if you were Matt Ryan. They won that game, but Jags learned that the crowd WAS a factor in the game. Now Bo Pelini decides it’s a good idea to say something this week? Here goes nothin’:

I don’t even know how many people that stadium holds but they’re not playing. It’s 11 on 11 when you walk out on the field.”

We might not be playing, but we will be a factor Bo. Now this is not the worst comment we’ve received from an opposing coach, by far. It’s not even really bad, but a coach shouldn’t lend himself to bulletin board material if he can help it. I understand that a coach shouldn’t sound afraid or intimidated before a game, but it’s not that hard to show respect without weakness. A comment like “Certainly the crowd is loud, but we’re doing everything we can to be ready” would be sufficient. Pays tribute but shows your guys you’ll overcome it. I agree that our fans probably get a little too stirred up over such comments, but I’m certainly not going to complain when Lane turns the volume knob up to eleven as a result. The reason I love Hokie Nation so much is that we treat ourselves as a part of the game. As a result, we DO affect the game (blown calls from the sideline, false starts, delay of games, etc.). Just like in a locker room, we use facebook, blogs, and e-mail to stir up the troops with comments like this. Just like in previous years, an opposing coach has given us that extra motivation to scream that much louder, to jump up and down more enthusiastically, and make his life a living hell come Saturday. Let’s do it Hokies!

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Turd Ferguson said...

Pelini looks like Voldermort in that picture...the long face and what appears to be a lack of a nose.