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Monday, September 07, 2009

Al Groh is Tuong Lu Kim (City Wok Guy)

For the theme of September, I thought it would be fun to do a little riff off of my favorite show and put a DMV (all DC, Maryland, and Virginia) personality to characters in South Park. We’ll start with minor characters and build up to the main characters. I’ll give a description of each character, the personality (or personalities) and why they compare.

I thought after such a tough weekend, we could all use a good laugh at the expense of our good ol’ buddy from Charlottesville, Mr. Al Groh. Groh is left to pick up the pieces after watching his Cavaliers fall 26-14 to the William & Mary Tribe on Saturday. Like Mr. Kim, the sole proprietor of the City Wok in South Park, Groh doesn’t have many people buying what he’s selling.

City Wok Guy, is a stereotypical Chinese character, prone to mispronouncing the word "city" as "shitty", and pronouncing R's instead of L's. Kim’s main job is the owner of City Wok, a Chinese take out service. In "Child Abduction Is Not Funny", he is established to be an expert at building walls, a stereotypical parody of the Chinese building of the Great Wall of China, although his efforts are thwarted by a pack of Mongolians.

Like Kim, Groh’s efforts to build something successful and keep alumni and fans happy are thwarted by the likes of Western Michigan and Middle Tennessee, outsmarting and ultimately overpowering him. Even when he’s successful, Virginia Tech still outperforms him like PF Chang’s does to City Wok. Plus, he can’t even get the basic X’s and O’s down, much like Mr. Kim’s difficulty with the basics of the English language…it’s all foreign to him.

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