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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shut Up Randy Phillips

Who are you anyway? 15 career starts and 6 picks? Awesome. For a mediocre ACC team? ...better. Apparently, wins against Georgia Tech and Florida State make Miami the most wonderful program in the world. At least it was enough for this jackass to mouth off today (thanks CGB):

It don’t mean nothing to me. I don’t even know what it is. They’re good in special teams, I’ll say that, if that’s what they call Beamer Ball. Every year that we play them we always beat them in special teams so I guess it’s Coach Shannon Ball. Coach Beamer does a great job of getting his troops ready to play. We’re just ready to prove everybody wrong. Y’all are all the people jumping on the bandwagon right now. We’re not even going to push them away. We’re going to welcome them. Everybody can ride with the U right now.

-Miami Safety Randy Phillips
No, coach Shannonball is going 19-19 the last three seasons with superior talent. I'm not saying that Miami won't come in and stomp the Hokies on Saturday, but seriously? Have some grounds to talk a lot of shit before you open your mouth. In the three VT-Miami games in which Phillips was on the roster (not counting his medical redshirt, where they won by two), the Hokies went 2-1. Sounds like Miami always beats us. Apparently he doesn't remember that 44-14 beat down by our mediocre offense in 2007. On top of that, Miami hasn't scored a special teams touchdown on the Hokies since they've been members of the ACC. Come talk to me when your most important career highlight is something better than trying to knock out some FIU scrub Randy Phillips...and I hope it doesn't come on Saturday.


CanePhin-Royal Palm said...

Wow!!! That's the best you can do? Go back and dig up crap from some years back?

Maybe I should go get Vick booking photos!!! Marcus & Mike!!!

I cant wait to come back and talk crap to you guys after this! This is absolutely uncalled for!!!

The Miz said...

I'm sorry but we never had any try to SLAM SOMEONE WITH A HELMET ON THE FIELD. Jesus.

Jason said...

Going back and digging up crap from years back? Sounds like all a Cane fan can do. Let me ask you, do you have the word "Craftsman" tattooed anywhere on you? If not, you might want to get on that.

BTW, Mike and Marcus never committed MURDER

Jason said...

Hey CainPhin, I thought you were coming back to talk crap after this...? (chirping crickets) I'm sorry, you have to speak louder, I can't hear you. Oh wait, you have nothing to say? Ok then. Enjoy NOT being the most overhyped team in college football