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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Redskins Fall to DSRL: Quick Thoughts

Image Courtesy of the Washington Post
Again, sorry for the delay on this, but the week has been hectic so I’m a little behind. Here are my quick hits from the Redskins 23-17 loss to the New York Giants.

  • I still don’t think Eli is worth $100 million. His receivers are young but better than they’re given credit for. That being said, our defensive backfield was HORRENDOUS all day, and LaRon Landry really made the only play that set up D-Hall’s INT. We have to step it up.

  • Tackling was awful. Smoot just reminds me of Deion Sanders so much in that regard. We have to wrap up and quit going for strips. The defense is pressing for big plays.
    Albert Haynesworth in particular did his job on two 3rd and ones and one 4th and one in the first half. His size, penetration and strength single-handedly killed two New York drives. That’s why you make the money.

  • However, pass rush left a lot to be desired. Eli still had plenty of time to find open receivers, and didn’t have to check down often. Brian Orakpo was nowhere to be found. The Skins need him to have a big week against a sub-par St. Louis offense. He needs to build some confidence.

  • Malcolm Kelly’s blocking was good, his route running wasn’t. He couldn’t gain separation, and he and Santana seriously disappointed. If they continue to put up numbers like that, the Skins will be lucky to win four games this season.

  • Jason Campbell single handedly lost the game. He didn’t do anything terrible or great, except for his fumble. He had about six yards in front of him on the strip-turned-touchdown by Umenyiora, and he didn’t step up into the pocket. His Madden-type awareness on that play was about a 7.

  • The offensive play calling was weak and predictable. Run-Run-Pass-Punt, Repeat. Not good. I liked the fake field goal, but that was the brightest spot of the day.

Feels kind of like last year's opener. We don’t have a bad team, but probably not a good one either. Campbell protects the ball and we win by a score of (wait for my genius from the preview) 17-16. The defense did not lose the game. If the receivers get going next week, we should coast, but we all know how Washington franchises play against serious underdogs…


Bleaux Leaux said...

This game was a lot more one sided than you'd guess from the score. Sloppy, undisciplined football, grab bag playcalling, etc. Zorn was playing with a little bit of a loaded deck early last year, but now that some film has gotten around and Washington's tendencies have been charted, I don't think many defensive coordinators lose sleep prepping for the Skins.

The Miz said...

I wholeheartedly agree. If he'd mix things up and keep teams guessing, it would be one thing. But it really is run-run-pass-punt.