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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stupid Miami Quote of the Week: Part Deux

Jacory Harris, Miami's quarterback, darkhorse Heisman hopeful and dude with freakishly long arms apparently cannot count. When asked about his thoughts on The You's (yeah I spelled it that way on purpose) no. 9 ranking, he had this to say:

"I was happy, but we still have to stay focused, have to play Virginia Tech next and they're a great team. Our confidence is the same as it was before we played Florida State. We know what we're capable of, know we can score points. Just now we have statistics to prove it. We're very strong-minded, a humble team."

"Not too many people knew [about the ranking] – one person said it, and it was `Oh, well, we just have to get better. We don't want No. 9. No. 9 is nine spots away from being No. 1. We want to be where Florida is.' That's where we're trying to get." this kid serious? Now he's just making it too easy. 9 - 8 = 1. On top of that, I thought to include that fact the said his team is humble. Why don't you save us all the effort and tell Randy Phillips to shut the f*** up, Jacory.

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