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Monday, October 05, 2009

Dook Fought Back: Hokies WIN 34-26

I remain unimpressed with what I saw of the performance on Saturday, but in this day and age, I'll take a win any way the Hokies can manage it. While our pass defense seemed atrocious, and big pass plays a week before playing Boston College terrify me just a little bit, we're finding different ways to win games, and that's what matters. Bryan Stinespring is slowly crawling his way out of the doghouse...very slowly. If Tyrod Taylor can beat teams with his arms and his legs, we might just have...dare I say explosive offense. Overall, I'm happy with Josh Oglesby's efficiency, and Taylor's confidence, as well as the receivers' newfound ability to step up when needed. Something about Dyrell Roberts drop late in the Nebraska game seems to have sparked the whole corps play over the last two weeks. I would feel a lot worse about this week if we didn't have Bud Foster at the helm of the defense, but I fully expect he'll have the troops ready to roll come Saturday...and I can't wait for Enter Sandman. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Go Hokies


Anonymous said...

I hope Bud kicks the defense all over the place in practice this week. It's such an upside down and backwards season so far.

Jason said...

I have a feeling that the defense will come back to Lane on Saturday with stitches in their necks from Bud ripping their heads off after that atrocious performance against Puke, though they did have an out-of-the-ordinary game. I was impressed by Duke's willingness to compete and stay in the game for the ENTIRE game.