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Monday, October 19, 2009

Field Goal Fest: Redskins lose 14-6

I wasn't all that far off. Outside of a safety in place of a field goal, the scoring went about as I had expected (I picked a 15-9 Chiefs win). Besides the 40% attendance and major booing and benching Jason Campbell, here are my thoughts on the game:
  • Of course the day I call him Albert Haynesworthless, he decides to make a home in the backfield. He actually had an impact, and only limped off the field about seven times. The collapse on the sideline was a little melodramatic, I think.
  • Justin Tryon is still awful.
  • DeAngelo Hall wasn't exactly good either.
  • The rest of the defense really can't be blamed too up 12 points is nothing to be ashamed of. Plus entering the day, they were 4th overall in the league.
  • The offense needs to be blown up. Literally. Save Chris Cooley.
  • Jason Campbell's benching was probably something that needed to happen, but it doesn't make it feel any better.
  • Todd Collins didn't look any better after his first big throw to Santana Moss.
  • Portis was gawdawful outside of that 79 yard run, and he also deserved to be benched. I loved how they said he had an ankle injury, and then showed him STANDING pissed off by himself on the sideline. Nice.
  • I think Dan Snyder punished all the no-shows by cutting the wires for CBS and causing the "technical difficulties." Wait...did I say punishment?
I can say I'm mad about this, but I can't get too worked up. It was expected. We've now given FOUR teams their first victory of the season now. Vomit. Odds on Zorn getting fired on the bye week: 3 to 2

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Mr. Maroon and Black Himself. No explanation necessary.

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