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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Week 4: Tampa Bay

TAAAAAAAAAAAAMPA BAAAAAAAAAAAAY (in the words of my man Nette). So this is a redemption game, right? Wrong. Nobody gets instant redemption from losing to the Lions by beating the awful Buccaneers, but a win would put us on the right track. Tampa is starting a new quarterback, Josh Johnson, who's younger than I am, and who almost started the season at wide receiver. The guy went to San Diego. No, not San Diego State...San Diego. As in the Torreros. And he starts in the NFL. If my favorite team wasn't the Washington Redskins, this fact would make me very happy. Unfortunately the tattoo on my leg is not a Falcon or a Fleur-de-lis, so my team will probably allow him to throw for 300 yards and three touchdowns. Awesome.

In fairness, the Bucs are almost as much of a wreck as the Skins, without the added bonus of dead money and wasted draft picks. Cadallac Williams is a good back that tries to run without legs, since they've broken down on him so many times. Rhonde Barber went to UVA, and well, yeah. Plus he's 150 years old. Barrett Ruud is the only other guy I know on their defense. Do they still have Mike Alstott. Asshole.

Here's what to keep an eye on for the Redskins this afternoon, and things that will probably make me want to throw myself off the top of FedEx:
  • Pass Defense. Can we stop anyone? Will Fred Smoot actually follow through and not just run by a guy, but run into the opposing endzone without the ball for no reason? Sounds about right. Reed Doughty took the starting spot back from Chris Horton, so look for further ineptitude, as those guys should be 2A and 2B on the depth chart right now.
  • Run Defense. Will Albert Haynesworth stub a toe this week? Will he get poked in the eye? Maybe someone will blow on him. How many times will he need trainer help on the field?
  • Pass Offense. Santana Moss showed up, but no one else did against the Lions. Look for Campbell to spread the ball around a little more evenly today, keeping Cooley and Kelly a little more involved.
  • Rush Offense. Do we have one of these anymore? Did Clinton Portis die? What the hell is going on?
Good luck enjoying this one. It will probably be a jokefest like last week, but I'll stick with my obnoxious homerism and pick the Skins to start at 2-0 at home. Have we been 2-0 at home since the 80s? Don't think so. That would take a little bit of the hot garbage taste out of my mouth from last week.


Redskins 23
Buccaneers 21

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