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Friday, October 09, 2009

Week Six: God I Hate Matt Ryan

Can we please just fast forward to tomorrow at noon? How I hate thee, Boston College. Let me count the ways:
  1. Doug Flutie. Doug Flutie. Doug Flutie.

  2. Matt Ryan and his stupid pass to win a game that they didn't deserve.

  3. Matt Ryan for having a good first season in the NFL. I hope he breaks his leg this year. Nice Champs Sports Bowl ring, joke.

  4. Jeff Jagodzinski. Nice unemployment check, joke.

  5. Rich Gunnell. Is this dude in his seventh year? He always seems to do something against us.

  6. Brenden Hill for dancing to Sweet Caroline while down by 20. Wait...

  7. Their stupid 27 "superfans" that wear those awful yellow T-shirts. Decide on a secondary color idiots.

  8. Steve Aponovicious. If I hear an announcer call this kid Sid Vicious one more time, someone is getting suplexed.

  9. They're from Boston. Say your 'r's.

  10. They have "history" in their program, but they're in no way historical.

I need help from our home viewers out there. Over/Under on how many times they show/refer to the Hail Mary pass AND the lucky play from '07: 7. Please let me know how this shakes out, as I'll be in the stands, screaming my face off. I'll miss Doc Walker on Raycom soooo much (vomit). Luckily, we're right behind the opposing bench this week, so the BC chumps might actually be able to make out what I'm saying. Whether what I yell is discernable by a human, sober ear is another question in and of itself.

I hear that BC has a good pass defense and a 92-year-old freshman quarterback that did OK against Northeastern...I think. I don't care. Apparently #2 is a pretty solid back, averaging 4.7 YPC. I don't care. The Hokies should be spitting mad on Saturday morning. Bud Foster should sacrifice a fatted calf and paint his players' faces with the blood. Bryan Stinespring should continue to stay out of Tyrod Taylor's way. This game is huge...believe me, but it's a game that the Hokies SHOULD win handily. They should be ready to prove the doubters wrong, and tune up for Georgia Tech. The crowd will be charged, even for a noon game, and Tech has lost the last three regular season matchups against BC.

Channel the 2005 Defense:

Hokies 31
Eagles 10

Bonus pick of the week: Josh Oglesby goes for his first 100 yard game, Tyrod throws for <>

Let's Go.


Anonymous said...

I'll be watching on tv, so I'll count the references. And, maybe if we're super lucky, they'll bring Doug Flutie into the booth for some quality chat.

Anonymous said...

Too bad I have golf in the morning...oh well. I will be getting scoring updates, so you have to text me on our performance when/if you can. Having said that, I'm going with at least 19 Matt Ryan references (if it is anything like last year). Enjoy the game. Too bad I couldn't go with you this weekend. hopefully i will be there cheering loud and proud for the UNC game! GO HOKIES!!!

Jason said...

^ I R Anonymous

T said...

Perhaps you should start an "i hate Matt Ryan" blog. It would probably do well.

Illinois Hokie said...

Wreap your mind around this:

Matt Ryan is the Virginia Tech as Tyrod Taylor is to Nebraska.

Huskers fans will have a morbid, unhealthy fixation on our victory over them this season for years and years to come.

And that makes me smile.