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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Game Three: Caps 5, Flyers 6 (OT)

Well I didn't feel great about this one after the Capitals went 0-3 on the power play in the first period. You don't blow those types of chances and expect to control the tempo in Philadelphia. The Flyers energy (and some serious makeup calls) really hurt in the second period, where Mike Richards was dominant. There are a few things that raised questions in my head during this game:
  • If the Caps go to the net against the Flyers, is it just automatically goalie interference? It seems to me that the Caps always manage to get burned by different interference rules against Philly...starting with that non-call in the '08 playoffs where Morrisonn was shoved into Cristobal Huet, causing an empty-net Flyers' goal. Last night, it was Brooks Laich receiving a call that should have gone against Ryan Parent...but really it didn't matter that it directly led to a goal. There were bad calls against both sides, and both teams probably have room to gripe, but that one stung.

  • Why on Earth was John Erskine paired with Tom Poti? The less we see of #4, the better if he's in the lineup, I always say. He does perfectly well on a third pairing to add some grit, but more minutes that #55 and #26? That's a freaking joke. So was his -2 rating and two minors.

  • A big question was Ovechkin's potential goal total this season, but what about Nick Backstrom's assist total? He's got eight in three games, and I know that's a rediculous pace, but with the Capitals playing in the Southeast Division, anything can happen. I'm going to call it here that he leads the league this season.

  • Should the Mike Richards/Ovechkin rivalry be played up more? Richards has the talent to be mentioned in the same breath as the leagues elite forwards, but no one hears about how he and Ovechkin aren't big fans of each other. Richards and Ovechkin seem to have more respect for one another than say, Sidney Crosby and anyone else, but they still love to hit one another. As much as I hate Philly, I think Richards needs a little more love from the league's PR people.

  • Will Danny Briere ever come out and admit that he's really Jason Mraz? This fact upsets me, because Mraz is a lovable little musician with a lot of talent, while Briere is a little midgit that pisses me off whenever he's on the ice...quite the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde conundrum for me...with more shots to the groin.

It was a good night marred by penalties for the Caps. Anytime you can take a point from a rival on the road is an accomplishment, but the Caps know they let one get away. I would be very surprised to see Erskine in the lineup on Thursday, and I also think Brian Pothier was missed for his puck-handling last night. Hopefully (and we always say this) Gabby will address the discipline problems in practice before the Rags come to town. Let's go Caps!

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