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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Have a Bone to Pick With You Bumble Bee

You know, I put up with Calvin Johnson. I've lived with the fact that we're repeatedly called "Vah Tech" by the media and the Jackets never hear "Gah Tech." I even let the whole '2008 Championship Banner for the Yellow Jackets' thing fly. No more of this rubbish bumble bees. This disrespect must stop. Apparently, Georgia Tech decided that we would be the most appropriate homecoming opponent for them this season. That stings a little (pun intended).

We all know that collegiate homecoming games are supposed to be scheduled against scrub teams. Maybe they're trying to pay us back for scheduling them as our homecoming guests back in 2005, and also for whipping them 51-7. Whatever the case may me, Virginia Tech should not be anyone's homecoming opponent. To make matters worse, they haven't even sold out the damn game, and it's a 6:00 PM start time. I would do horrible things for a 6:00 PM kickoff in Blacksburg on a Saturday. I wouldn't normally be so fired up about this little injustice, but in context with some of the other garbage we've heard spewed from and about the Jackets since last season's supposed "fluke," I think the Hokies should be a little mad about this. Let's hope we can party like it's 2005. We are no Western Kentucky.


Jason said...

Sexy! So pumped for this game. This is turning out to be quite the good season that not so many predicted. GO HOKIES!!!

VT 34
GT 17

Jeff said...

Mike, I agree that VT should NOT be anyone's homecoming... but I see their reasoning... go take a look at their schedule... this is the only home game in october for them. My speculation is that they don't want to have homecoming september 26th (vs UNC) or november 7th (vs. Wake), not that they wanted to piss ous off. I bet when they saw the schedule, they felt a little bit like Japan planning the pearl harbor attacks, but once the season got rolling (along with our wins) they realized they had awoken a sleeping giant.

Either way, it's going to be a hell of a game and I know we're going to show up angry and ready for some honey (see what i did there?).

The Miz said...

Very cleaver Jeff...I like it.