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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Wasn't Pretty: Skins Best Bucs

It definitely wasn't pretty but I'll take it. The wife and I refused to boo at the half, because frankly, the defense didn't deserve to be booed. Somehow, the Redskins found their hearts again and pulled out a gutsy win to stop the least for this week. There were some obvious issues, not the least of which was Jason Campbell, but here are my thoughts of the week:
  • As for Campbell, he looked terrible in the first half and threw flat deep balls, but his bomb to Moss in the 3rd quarter along with his efficient drive that utilized Cooley were both really solid. He was what he's always been as a Redskin...up and down.
  • Clinton Portis made an appearance, and even ran to the right. Nice.
  • Big #75...Rhino Chad if you will looked a lot better this week after the first drive. Stephon Heyer...well, didn't.
  • Brian Orakpo showed up all over the field, and it looked great. So did Reed Doughty. Sorry for that 2A/2B crack buddy.
  • Still don't know how much Hunter Smith's injury affected that 4th and 4 call...but we'll just say I was none too pleased up in my seat on that particular call.
  • I would love to know how to breed a child with cinder blocks for hands. Think you could help me out with that one Mr. and Mrs. Rogers?
  • Justin Tryon got a sack? What?
  • Alex Ovechkin should be our backup kicker based on what I saw out of him during warm-ups...speaking of backups...isn't Cooley supposed to be the backup punter?
In today's NFL, a win is a win. I don't know that I've seen more hate between Redskins fans after a win (other than the St. Louis game) before, but people need to calm down a little. The team still has talent, and a relatively "easy" schedule outside of the division. Let's take this momentum and bring things up to 3-2. Hail.

Sieve of the Week:

Carlos Rogers' Hands

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